What Are Cannabis Terpenes?

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Cannabis Terpenes are responsible for the taste and smell of the plant. The distinctive minty, berry, citrus smell that you get is the result of terpenes in Cannabis products. They are a strong compound apart from tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) that is secreted in cannabis. However, they are not unique to cannabis and can be found in other plants. There are around 150-200 terpenes that lead to the production of cannabis flavonoids that you taste.

Terpenes formation takes place as a result of several environmental factors, including the weather, age, fertilizer, soil type and more. There are cannabis terpenes for cheese, blueberries and whatnot. Every terpene has a unique smell and taste. It helps in differentiating the multiple strains of cannabis and identify which one has what composition.

In this article, we will focus on what cannabis terpenes do. You can find different types of strains at the online cannabis dispensary Etobicoke with multiple types of terpenes. We will also identify a few different kinds of common terpenes that are found in cannabis. Since terpenes are the most abundant compounds found in plants, it becomes easy to distinguish between one from the other.

What do terpenes actually do?


The primary purpose of the terpenes is to protect the plants. Several plants use terpenes as a way to attract insects for pollination or to repel harmful insects. It is also useful in resisting the formation of mould and fungi. However, plants will create a heavy amount of terpends if they are under stressful conditions.

Cannabis terpenes have different medicinal properties, which can have a positive effect on people. Some terpenes are good in providing relaxation and stress-relief while others are useful in developing focus and concentration. Myrcene and Terpinolene are two popular terpenes in cannabis products that prevail in multiple strains.

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Common types of terpenes

As mentioned, there are over 200 types of terpenes found in plants. We will discuss a few common types of terpenes that are found as cannabis flavonoids alongside tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). Here are the most common types of terpenes –

  • Myrcene

It is the most widely found terpene in cannabis products that encourages stress relief and makes the person consuming it calm and relaxed. It is found in strains like Grand Daddy Purple, OG Kush, Cherry Pie, amongst several others. Myrcene is known for the effect that it provides in the form of a soothing feeling. It has an earthy smell, like cardamom or cloves, closely related to a herbal aroma.

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  • Terpinolene

Another popular terpene found in cannabis is Terpinolene. It is said that this compound produces an uplifting effecting, giving a joyful feeling and enabling consumers to focus better. It is commonly found in strains like the Ghost Train Haze, Chernobyl, Jack Herer, amongst several others. About 1 in 10 strains have a high amount of Terpinolene. It smells floral, like a pieny aroma that is ulcer related to herbal products.

  • Caryophyllene

It is a compound that also acts as cannabinoid. It provides anti-inflammatory benefits to the body, relieving the pain. The tarpene is commonly found in strains like Original Glue and Purple Punch. It has a pepper and spicy smell to it. However, the wood aroma makes it favourable by people who want to enjoy the effects while feeling the natural cannabis flavonoids.

  • Pinene

The most common terpene in the natural plant world is Pinene. It is highly useful to reduce pain, inflammation, and pain. You can find this in strains like Snoop’s Dream and Critical Mass. It is green in colour, and as the name suggests generate a pine-like aroma. It is known to develop alertness and counterattacks some effects of THC.

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