Tips for the Holidays

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The holiday season is officially here! And while it’s a bit different (okay, a lot different) than holidays past, these tips for celebrating responsibly never get old.

Give the gift of knowledge

Whether you’re gifting cannabis to a novice consumer or an old pro, make sure they’re up to date on their cannabis knowledge (and, of course, that they are at least 19 years old). Not to brag, but our Learn section has lots of great articles that can answer your giftee’s questions and help them feel confident when consuming.

Here’s a list of the best articles for novices for you to send to (or print off for) your gift recipient:

Keep cannabis under wraps

Sometimes it’s best to think inside the box. If you live with kids or pets, keep cannabis in its original packaging when wrapping it up. All cannabis packaging is required to be child-resistant (thanks to the Cannabis Act) to prevent kids from accidentally consuming cannabis. Don’t leave cannabis gifts under the tree where they’re in reach of curious kids and pets — hand them directly to their intended recipient.

Don’t serve edibles alongside other holiday goodies

Be especially cautious with cannabis-infused chocolates, cookies, soft chews and beverages, which can be easily mistaken for non-infused versions. Even if you don’t live with kids, it’s worth letting grandma — and anyone else in your household — know which cookies are infused with cannabis. Don’t leave them out on trays… because sometimes the extra-special ingredient is cannabis, not just love.

Consuming edibles? When in doubt, wait it out

When the weather outside is frightful, you may choose smoke-free ways to consume cannabis, like consuming edibles or ingestible extracts. Remember, it takes your body longer to process products through ingestion (eating or swallowing) than it does through inhalation (smoking or vaping). It can take up to two hours to feel the effects of products like cannabis-infused chocolates, soft chews, oils and capsules, compared to up to a couple of minutes with smoking or vaping. So if you’ve consumed an edible and haven’t felt an effect, wait before taking another one. See the chart from Health Canada below to learn more.

Ways of Using Cannabis When Effects Could Begin How Long Effects Could Last
Smoking/Vaping Seconds to minutes Up to 6 hours*
Eating/Drinking/Swallowing 30 minutes to 2 hours Up to 12 hours*

*Some effects could last as long as 24 hours

Don’t consume cannabis and alcohol together

Mixed drinks don’t mix with cannabis. Consuming cannabis and alcohol at the same time can cause more severe levels of impairment and adverse effects.

Don’t drive high

There likely won’t be as much holiday traffic on the road this year, but this is a tip for every day of the year. If you have consumed cannabis, don’t drive. Cannabis impairs your judgment, impedes your ability to react and increases your chances of getting into an accident. Plus, it’s a criminal offence. Even if you haven’t consumed, never get into a car with an impaired driver. It’s just not worth the risk.

Learn more about impaired driving here

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