5 New Marijuana Strains to Grow in 2021

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As the legalization of Marijuana multiplies across states, breeders are becoming a common occurrence. The laws for growing Marijuana are easing, and people can now grow different Marijuana strains in their backyard. There are obvious benefits of having your own Marijuana reap. However, there are many innovative strains that have emerged as a result of people’s eagerness to innovate with cannabis.

Apart from providing Marijuana at a reasonable price and cutting down your cost of buying it every time, there are other benefits of homegrown cannabis. You can easily trust the quality of the plant and ensure that you are growing something that is of supreme quality. You can also control the supply of Marijuana for yourself. There’s no need to run to the cannabis store to buy it when you feel that it is about to get over – just get it from the backyard.

In this article, we will focus on the 5 new Marijuana strains that people are growing across the legal states. As it becomes more popular and legalized than ever, cannabis types are growing through a rapid transformation. From White Wedding by Msiku to purple lemonade, there are multiple fresh strains that are loved by people who consume it. Let’s have a look at them in detail.

5 New Marijuana Strains to Grow in 2021

Today, many consumers are looking for new Marijuana strains as they want to experiment with Cannabis. Keeping this in mind, many growers have started growing strains that people have never heard of before. They are of high-quality, effective, and in-demand in the legalized states. Here are the 5 best strains to grow 2021;-

1. White wedding by Msiku

Probably one of the most popular in new strains is the white wedding by Msiku. The earth-like smell and the texture of winter frost make it look different from other strains. It is made from the cross of Wedding Cake and Northern Lights Male. It has super gassy menthol and is highly effective. It offers a fast and distinct euphoric effect to the consumers.

2. New Order

Another strain that can be grown in the New Order. It is grown with crossbreeds of Fire Allen White and Triangle Kush. However, this is not recommended for people who are new to cannabis consumption as it has a heavy relaxation effect. It is useful for medical consumers who require it for their treatments. New Order massively inclines toward Indica.

3. Wedding flowers

The Wedding Flowers strain is the rework of the popular breed Wedding Genetics. Bred by the famous Dr. Krippling Seeds, Wedding Flowers have high amounts of THC – around 20%. It is an Indica-heavy hybrid that is highly potent. Similar to New Order, this strain is not suggested to newbie consumers who might become couch-locked after consuming it.

4. Pink Kush

One of the powerful Marijuana strains, Pink Kush is more focused on body effects. The cannabis strain has overpowering effects. It is considered useful to overcome body pain, insomnia, and appetite loss. It takes about 10 to 11 weeks for Pink Kush to reach its full bloom. However, it results in a high yield so it is probably worth waiting that long.

5. Tropicanna Banana

A highly effective cannabis breed with powerful medicinal properties, Tropicanna Banana is a cross between Banana Kush and the Tropicanna breed. It is a Sativa-dominant strain with around 25% THC in it.

Consumers regularly suggest that this strain enhances their creativity and provides an uplifting mood. It is resistant to diseases and pests, leading to high-quality growth. Apart from these five, growers have other options like WiFi Cake, Bonkers, GMO Cookies, Runtz, Fritter, Purple Lemonade, Quick Gorilla, Mamacita’s Cookies, and many more that they can grow.

blackstarwp5 New Marijuana Strains to Grow in 2021

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