How to Store and Keep Cannabis Fresh

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According to a study, cannabinoids can remain stable for up to 2 years if they are stored and cured in the right conditions. However, storing your cannabis is not a straightforward process wherein you use the sandwich bag and drawer and be assured to keep the weed fresh. One needs to create optimum conditions for the long-term storage of cannabis. In this blog, we are looking at top factors that directly impact the weed and how to store it properly for longer times.

What are the reasons for cannabis to age?

Cannabis products have this natural tendency to age with time and storing your cannabis in a particular way is critical to keep its freshness alive. We have listed some top causes that lead to weed ageing.


Light is one of the biggest reasons that will degrade cannabis products. The UV rays will burn cannabinoids and terpenes – the most important element of cannabis dried flowers. To ensure that these chemicals are retained in cannabis products, one must use opaque containers for storage.


This is another major hurdle when you are trying to conserve weed for a long time. Exposure to air and excessive oxygen levels tends to quicken the degradation process of dried flowers. Low humidity levels can trigger the growth of mold or mildew on weed. One of the best ways to prevent long-term oxygen exposure is to use vacuum-sealed containers.


Moisture makes way for mold growth on weed and dried flowers. To keep cannabis products dry, one needs to keep moisture away. It is critical to maintaining the freshness by keeping humidity levels ideally between 59 and 63 RH. There are humidity control solutions available that can be used to keep the humidity at the preferred levels.


Higher temperatures can cause cannabis to dry out and terpenes to evaporate, leading to harsh smoke and unpleasant flavors. At extreme temperatures, mold and mildew tend to grow and thrive at a rapid pace. Many people recommend simply storing your cannabis in a cool and dark location. However, choosing the right environment is also challenging.

Storing Your Cannabis in a Right Way to Maintain Freshness


Now that we have listed major reasons for cannabis degradation, one needs to learn how to conserve weed and keep cannabis products fresh. You can find below the right ways in storing your cannabis for a long period.

Keep it dark and clean

Make use of opaque containers as light can be detrimental for cannabis. Many manufacturers offer specially developed jars for storing your cannabis products. They are layered with black silicone sleeves and have airtight lids. Make sure that the shelves or cupboards where storage containers are placed are kept clean by regular vacuuming and mopping.

Lose the plastic

It is best to avoid plastic containers when you are planning to store cannabis for a long period. The static charge of plastic can degrade succulent trichomes or tiny little hairs. The plastic containers can be used for short-term storage or if you are traveling rather than long-term solutions. One can make use of plastic medicine jars for temporary and on-the-go storage.

Use glass containers

They are the best when it comes to storing your cannabis. It doesn’t affect the taste and makes way for an airtight environment to protect against oxidation. Unless you’ve anti-UV glass containers, the transparent view of glass won’t protect your weed. One can wrap a glass container in a cloth/towel, or store it in a dark place.

Use parchment to avoid degradation

Parchment papers can be used for the long-term storage of cannabis. They are easily available and you can softly wrap the weed bud in it before placing it in containers.

Maintain the right moisture level

More often than not people don’t have access to a humidor to maintain the moisture. One can use orange peel, carrot or even wet cotton balls into a weed container to ensure optimum moisture level. If your stash is already drier than how you would like, you may not bother much. In conditions having excess moisture, there are chances of mold and bacteria developing quickly. You may consider these as re-moisturizing options instead of preemptive measures.

Use Aluminum foils

The ideal way to protect your cannabis from light, heat and exposure to air. It is a fabulous short-term option for storing your cannabis products. Ideally, it works like a charm when you are planning to only open it once. When it is handled multiple times, the foil can damage the trichomes.

Use a humidor

Cannabis can optimally be stored at 50-65% humidity levels. Many experts pinpoint 63% humidity as the ideal humidity level to store weed.

Do not use a fridge

It is best advised to not store your dried flowers in a refrigerator because of frequently varying temperature and humidity levels. The trichomes will turn brittle and fall off easily.

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