All About Online Cannabis & Marijuana

Many countries still consider cannabis illegal, but studies have shown its health benefits to be quite high. Because of this, cannabis is legal in many countries, including Canada. The health benefits of this medicine have prompted people to take it in less quantity and higher quality. Its industry has grown quite a bit today because


How to Store and Keep Cannabis Fresh

According to a study, cannabinoids can remain stable for up to 2 years if they are stored and cured in the right conditions. However, storing your cannabis is not a straightforward process wherein you use the sandwich bag and drawer and be assured to keep the weed fresh. One needs to create optimum conditions for


7 Most Useful Tips to Consider While Buying Cannabis Online

Cannabis is legal. There are several stores selling cannabis to people above the legal age. During this pandemic, people have started to place online orders of cannabis, just like their groceries. Cannabis retail stores in Etobicoke are ramping up efforts for the online sale of cannabis. However, the online purchase process of cannabis has been


What Are Cannabis Terpenes?

Cannabis Terpenes are responsible for the taste and smell of the plant. The distinctive minty, berry, citrus smell that you get is the result of terpenes in Cannabis products. They are a strong compound apart from tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) that is secreted in cannabis. However, they are not unique to cannabis and can