0.25g of cannabis extracts is equivalent to 1g of dried cannabis flower.

Intended to be consumed via eating or drinking, edibles are made with either cannabis flower or concentrates. Examples include confectioneries, baked goods and beverages.

Edibles are absorbed through the digestive tract and provide a smoke-free option to cannabis, though it can take much longer than smoking or vaping to feel effects. However, depending on the dose and potency levels, effects can feel more pronounced and may last longer than the effects you experience when smoking or vaping.

To learn more about edibles, click here.

Oral spray is cannabis oil — cannabis extract mixed with a neutral oil — that has been packaged in a spray bottle and is taken orally. It can be used as an alternative to smoking or vaporizing dried cannabis.

Shake the bottle well before using to ensure the extract is evenly mixed with the oil. Typical use is to push down on the pump and spray under your tongue or on the inside of your cheek.

Extracts (also known as concentrates) have been extracted from the cannabis flower and processed into a concentrated form, and can be either ingested or inhaled. Examples include cannabis oil, vape cartridge liquid, shatter, wax, kief and tinctures. Effects can be experienced almost immediately after consumption and can last 1-3 hours, depending on the person. To learn more about cannabis extracts and what’s next for cannabis in Canada, click here.

Topicals are cannabis-infused products that are intended to be applied to skin, hair or nails. Infused through the bloodstream, most products do not cause intoxication or psychoactive effects and allow you to feel the therapeutic effects of cannabis without smoking or vaping. Examples of these products include lotions, balms and soaps. To learn more about topicals and what’s next for cannabis in Canada, click here.

To protect against accidental consumption, ensure products are not appealing to children or youth, and to provide the consumer with the necessary information to make informed decisions, Licensed Producers must adhere to stringent packaging and labelling requirements enforced by the Federal Cannabis Act and Health Canada.

Unfortunately, these stringent requirements result in the mandatory inclusion of bulky and excess packaging, regardless of the quantity of the product ordered. The good news is that most cannabis packaging can be recycled, depending on where you live.

To learn more about cannabis packaging and how to recycle it, click here.

Depending on where you live, most cannabis packaging can be recycled in your curbside recycling program or at your local recycling depot. There are also programs that specialize in non-recyclable waste (such as Terracycle) that accept cannabis packaging from Licensed Producers. To find out more on how you can recycle your cannabis packaging, click here.

Unfortunately, no. Federal regulations require cannabis products to be securely packaged by licensed producers and sealed with an excise stamp before being delivered to the Blackstar Cannabis. Therefore, we are currently unable to refill or reuse cannabis packaging.

We make sure that whenever possible, we choose shipping materials that can be re-used or recycled. Blackstar Cannabis branded carboard boxes, packing paper and packing slips are all fully recyclable. For more information on recycling cannabis packaging, click here.

Yes. All cannabis products sold on undergoes strict and rigorous testing for harmful substances by federally licensed third-party laboratories, and each product requires a COA (Certificate of Analysis) and a SOA (Statement of Attestation) outlining the product’s lot number with acceptable sample test results that have been checked and verified by a Health Canada approved and designated laboratory.

At the time of packaging, dried flower typically has moisture content between 8 and 15%. However over time, and depending on how it is stored, moisture loss will occur. To re-introduce moisture back into your dried flower, you can add a humidity pack to an airtight container and remove it once the product has reached its desired level of moisture. To browse humidity packs.

If the product is properly stored in a dark, dry place and in an airtight container, it should maintain its full potency until opened. After opening, the product may degrade after that.

By Ontario law, you are permitted to grow up to four plants in your home (not per person). sells various types of seeds for this purpose and does not sell clones at this time.

The Blackstar Cannabis only sells regulated, quality-controlled and tested cannabis products sourced from federally licensed producers authorized by Health Canada. The products that are shipped to the Blackstar Cannabis from licensed producers are already individually packaged and sealed with an excise stamp. Health Canada sets strict standards for the net weight and net volume included on cannabis product labels. These rules allow for weight and volume to vary from labelled amounts within certain limits. If the product is between zero and two grams, Health Canada allows for a 10 percent variance. If the product is more than two grams, Health Canada allows for a 5 percent variance. For more information, please click here.

We work with licensed producers to investigate all quality assurance complaints. To report a product quality complaint, we welcome you to contact our customer service team by phone at 1-888-910-0627 or by LiveChat.

In Ontario, Blackstar Cannabis is the only online cannabis retailer and wholesaler of legal recreational cannabis. Cannabis products can be purchased at a number of privately-owned authorized retail stores across the province. Cannabis products made available from private dispensaries and other illegal sellers are not regulated by Health Canada and are likely to be untested, meaning that the product may be unsafe for consumption. All cannabis sold at Blackstar Cannabis is sourced directly from producers licensed by Health Canada and must be tested and certified by Health Canada–approved labs.

Through, adults 19 years of age or older will have access to fact-based information on cannabis products that can help guide purchasing decisions, and safe and responsible consumption practices. All cannabis products available through contain information on THC and CBD content, terpene profiles, the producer and where the products were grown. More detailed information on these topics can be found in the Learn section of our website.

For convenience, our online store contains helpful filters to assist you in sorting products by THC content, CBD content, price or terpenes.

Yes. Per federal regulations, manufacturer lot information is indicated on every package. carries only cannabis products from federally licensed producers in Canada. Licensed producers are subject to federal Health Canada regulations regarding the production facilities, conditions and origins of their products. Health Canada regularly visits producers to ensure these strict regulations are being followed, and regularly request to see their Certificate of Analysis to ensure that all products are tested and verified as safe for consumers.

All of our cannabis is grown by producers licensed by Health Canada, and we only carry products that meet the federal regulations for quality, consistency and integrity.

Please contact our customer service line at 1-888-910-0627.

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